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Benefits of eating walnuts

Akhrot, Walnut The scientific name of Akhrot as ‘Juglans’. It belongs to the walnut family. It is found mostly in Sikkim, Nepal, and the Himalayas. Walnuts have been used extensively by the Romans, Greeks, and French in ancient times. The whole part is called ‘Akhrot’ and after the shell removed it is called ‘walnut’. Walnuts boost the …

Arugampul Bermuda Grass Cynodon dactylon Health News

Cynodon dactylon or Bermuda Grass or Arugampul benefits

Bermuda grass will survive without water for a long time. It just looks dry during summer days. That’s the reason why Our ancestors use bermudagrass as an example for wishing youngsters. Whatever suffering we get, should get tired and bloom again like this grass even with little chance.  Bermudagrass whole plant is sweet and cool. Removes …

toor dal
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Benefits of Toor Dal

Split Gram/Toor Dal Sambar plays an important role in South Indian vegetarian cuisine. Sambar reminds us of Toor dal. The main ingredient in sambar is Toor Dal. Many food items are prepared based on this, starting with sambar, lentil rice. This lentil provides a balanced diet and is high in protein, vitamin C, amino acids, …