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Do you have alopecia (Hair fall from the scalp) problem? Read this.

Today’s youth main problem is hair fall. People are thinking that if alopecia happens then the hair will not be grown in those areas. Alopecia is happening due to the lack of blood circulation in the head. Also, the hair is falling due to the lack of protein and maintenance. Scientists recommend that these problems …

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Tips to keep the blood clean!

Unclean blood in the body can cause Malaise, fever, stomach flu, etc. So it is important to keep our blood clean. Blood is the basic power of humans. How to clean the blood through natural foods? Let’s see. Consuming Beetroot frequently can produce fresh blood. Besides, Remove Pollen from Hibiscus flower and having petals alone …

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Siddha Thirumoolar’s formulas or tips for being young!

Excess or lack of Heat, air, and water is the reason for getting diseases.Humans getting Biliary disease by heat, Rheumatic Disease by air, Kapa disease by water.Thirumoolar said that Terminalia chebula (Kadukkai in Tamil) has cleansing power of cleaning once body, mind, and soul. In Tamil, traditional people called Terminalia chebula as an Elixir. Terminalia …

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