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Use Okra this way to cure all diseases easily!

The Ladyfinger is a flowering plant name called Okra. It is known by all people in many corners of the world. The price of this is a little expensive as it is coming from a flowering plant. The scientific name of this interesting plant is “Abelmoschus esculentus”. Okra can be used for soup, curry, and fries in all the season. Its oil can also be used for cooking. So the popularity of this vegetable is kept rising. There are still many …

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3 month pregnancy
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Food – During the first three months of pregnancy!

Women who are pregnant should be very careful during the first three months. There would be a lot of possibilities for Miscarriage occurs in these times. So pregnant women needs to have extra care with respect to eating foods and actions. Women will be recommended to eat good healthy foods by doctors. In the first …

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