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guava Health News

This fruit has the potential to destroy cancer?

  Guava is one of the cheapest fruits ever available in the market. Would you believe that guava fruit has all the equivalent nutrients available in four apples? That’s true. We did forget to promote our local fruit like apple. We are calling apple as “king of fruits” and treating like Bollywood stars and selling in local stores. Our local guava fruit is very powerful than the apple which has wax applied and holding the sticker. We can see the greatness of Guava. Diseases can be easily spread during the rainy season. If we have a …

guava Health News

Eat more guavas than an apple!

America University proved that the best number one nutritional fruit in the world is south Indian desi Guava. We are eating this fruit regularly without knowing this fact. If you know the nutrients contained in it, you will give first preference to Guava than Apple. If you know about its nutritional benefits, then definitely it will be part of your supermarket budget. Nutrients: Vitamin C amount in Guava is more than four times of orange fruit. Vitamin ‘C’ keep the body healthy and give you immunity. It has fiber and low sugar content. Do not …