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How to choose good vegetables from the market?

1. Banana Stem: This can be used for making fries and soup. The upper layer part should not have much fiber and the stem part should be thin.  2. White Onion: The juice should be extracted while pressing gently. 3. Drumstick: A good drumstick is very flexible. Means, good for making dishes. 4. Sweet potato: A firm tuber is very sweet. If it is blackened, it can be bitter. 5. Corn: It should not be too young or fully matured. When you press corns, it …

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Reasons why bad eggs float in water

When the egg is spoiled, the decomposition becomes. So the molecules in it turn into gas. As everyone thinks, should there be gas in it, the spoiled eggs are floating? But it doesn’t. The gas is discharged through the microscopic holes in the eggshells. This will reduce the density of the egg. So it starts floating. Good eggs submerge in water. Some eggs will be spoiled even if there is an expiration date. The reason for that is too much heat. Well, you are going to the supermarket. Will you take a tumbler with water in it to …