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Top 10 tastiest Sea Fish to eat

Most doctors advise that seafood is better than non-vegetarian foods such as chicken, Mutton, and beef. Marine fish are high in protein, choline, and iodine. The reason we crave fish without knowing it has it all is because of its taste. Indian villagers consume an average of 269 grams of fish a month. Those in …

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Eat Anchovies and sardines fishes for your health

  Even though there are many nutrients in vegetable foods, it is necessary to eat non-vegetarian food at least once a week. If you take anchovies and sardines fishes more than chicken, goat meat, we can get various health benefits to our body. Benefits of eating fish: Polyunsaturated fatty acid in fish reduces the level of bad cholesterol in our body and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Essential fatty acids in fish, vitamin E, selenium, etc. provide nutrients to the skin’s health and help to prevent skin problems. Teeth and bones are prevented from issues and improving their health. Vitamin A is rich in fish. So it …

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The best foods to keep your mind fresh

Sometimes our mood is very sluggish. The reason for this is due to the high workload and getting more tension. Also, some hormones, such as serotonin, endorphin, and dopamine, are not inadequate. These hormones keep the brain fresh. We can increase the health of these hormones by eating a few foods. Eating food that is …