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Tips to get the beautiful looking eyes

1. Grind aloe-vera gel with cucumber and apply around the eyes and wash it off in cold water after few minutes. This will eliminate the eye dark circles. 2. Cut the apple and eat dipping with little pure honey. Eyes become beauty as well as eyes will get the best brightness. 3. Mix ground Cucumber and tomato paste together and apply around the eyes wash after 10 minutes. Follow this step a few days to remove eyes dark circles. 4. Similarly, You can use the combination of Almonds, milk paste. …

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cure scars
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Naturopathy to disappear injury scars!!!

A lot of people have scars due to injuries or heavy chickenpox. Especially Lot of women get this kind of scars while working. Particularly when cooking with hot oil, ironing the clothes. Such scars are clearly visible and make us feel uncomfortable and ugly. Though many creams available to cure these scars in the market, …

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