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avoid hair growth
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How to avoid Hair grows in unnecessary places

Some of us have hair in unnecessary places. Some ways to get rid of it.This is a big problem for all of us. Especially women do not like to have hair on the arms, legs, and on the face. Hair growing in unnecessary places causes us uncomfortable. It is causing us to spend more time in parlors or in personal terms to remove those hairs. Here are some of the tips to avoid this effect.Moisture Turmeric powder and black clove powder with some water and apply wherever unnecessary hairs are grown. Wait for 30 minutes and then wash with warm water. You will get …

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Joyful life by Curd/Yogurt

Yogurt is the best food for nutrients, protein, calcium, etc. Yogurt contains large amounts of protein which is easy to digest. Only 12 percent of milk can be digested in an hour. But 91 percent of yogurt will be digested in an hour. Many Good bacteria available in Yogurt helps to increase the digestion. The …

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Tips to keep the blood clean!

Unclean blood in the body can cause Malaise, fever, stomach flu, etc. So it is important to keep our blood clean. Blood is the basic power of humans. How to clean the blood through natural foods? Let’s see. Consuming Beetroot frequently can produce fresh blood. Besides, Remove Pollen from Hibiscus flower and having petals alone …

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Skin care tips for rainy season

During these days humans will be having less immunity power. So diseases will attack him easily. The following steps could help you to self protect these days.We need to drink 8-ounce glasses of water or 2 liters per day. This is called the 8×8 rule.Wash your face daily using cleansers. Scrub your face slowly. So …