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glowing skin
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Few tips to get glowing face

1. Boil methi leaves, mung dal, and cumin seeds together and eat two or three times a week. This will cool down your body heat and remove facial wrinkles. At the same time, the face becomes shiny. 2. Drinking Orange or Carrot juice one or two times a week will make your face into golden in color. 3. Mix Sesame oil and Badam oil in an equal ratio. Rub into the entire body and do little massage before bath. While taking bath wash oil using gram flour and then with clean water. …

sesame oil
Health News

Best oil for good health

  Before everyone told that coconut and sesame oil has much fat and not good for health. Then people told refined oil is good for health. Then people asked to move to sunflower oil. Then bran oil. Now everyone advises taking olive oil which is imported from Europe. So, Everyone’s question is that which oil …