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Make juice from ginger and garlic in a 5:1 ratio and drink. This is good for maintaining a healthy stomach and reduce fat. Do not add more garlic other than mention ratio to avoid stomach burn.  To remove mucus from the throat, eat 4 to 5 garlic pods with crystal salt, and drink some warm water. Eat a spoon of cumin seeds and then drink some water for gas trouble issues. Make a powder of fenugreek …

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Tamilians medical thinking on bhogi day in the name of “Kappu”

  Many of us do not know what is the reason behind the Tamil verbiage called “Kappu kattudhal” during the Bhogi day which is the preceding day of Pongal. Tamil Nadu farmers keep medicinal herbs like neem, Aerva lanata(Poolaipoo in Tamil), avaram senna in the northeast corner of each field to prevent crops from diseases and pests. It will be plugged in front of the house and cow house as well. Typically …

Natural mosquito repellent
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Natural mosquito repellent!!

  Not only cold will make trouble during the rainy season. Mosquitoes produced from Stagnant water as well will disturb!! In addition, it will spread many and different kinds of diseases! To escape from these mosquitoes we are using a variety of chemical pesticides.   All of these are poison. But this becomes part of …