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fenugreek seeds
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Medicinal uses of Fenugreek or Dill

Dill is an herbal product. It is widely used in food and medicine. This is called ‘Fenugreek’ or methi in English. Dill can give a lot of cooling to the body. All the flowers, fruit, seed, and leaves of the dill plant have medicinal properties. Fennel is native to the Mediterranean region, Central Europe, southern …

medicinal herbs
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Follow these tips weekly once for a healthy life!

Make juice from ginger and garlic in a 5:1 ratio and drink. This is good for maintaining a healthy stomach and reduce fat. Do not add more garlic other than mention ratio to avoid stomach burn.  To remove mucus from the throat, eat 4 to 5 garlic pods with crystal salt, and drink some warm water. Eat a spoon of cumin seeds and then drink some water for gas trouble issues. Make a powder of fenugreek …

dosa batter
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Beware of readymade idli-dosa batter

  The selling of the Idli Dosa batter business is expanded hugely in the past 10 years. Ready-made Idli/Dosa batter reduced women’s workload. On the other hand, this batter business opened a door for money-making as a profession for many people. They can work from home. In recent days, this batter is available from the big mall as well as …