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Summer skincare tips

  Summer is started now. Now itself we can’t able to adopt heat. You do not need to say how much heat will be in the upcoming months. Everyone’s skin is different from each other. Mine is a mixed type. Sometime I would have oily skin and sometime it will be dry skin. But, I used to give extra care to my skin during the summer. …

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Tips to get the beautiful looking eyes

1. Grind aloe-vera gel with cucumber and apply around the eyes and wash it off in cold water after few minutes. This will eliminate the eye dark circles. 2. Cut the apple and eat dipping with little pure honey. Eyes become beauty as well as eyes will get the best brightness. 3. Mix ground Cucumber and tomato paste together and apply around the eyes wash after 10 minutes. Follow this step a few days to remove eyes dark circles. 4. Similarly, You can use the combination of Almonds, milk paste. …

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Get rid off the pimple acne/scares

Natural face mask to get rid of scars caused by pimples. It’s normal to get pimples during adolescence by hormonal variations. To cure these scars caused by pimples, there are natural medicines(home remedies) available. It’s better to use these home remedies instead of applying chemical creams. If we use these remedies, the scares and pimples …

Aloe Vera
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Aloe-Vera is a Nature’s medicinal gift

Nature gave us many natural medicines free of cost. Aloe Vera is one of nature’s gifts for human beings.This can be available in many places in the countryside.  It can grow automatically without maintenance. There are many medicinal properties available in Aloe.Aloe-Vera being used in producing cosmetic products and medicines across the world.We need to …