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toor dal
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Benefits of Toor Dal

Split Gram/Toor Dal Sambar plays an important role in South Indian vegetarian cuisine. Sambar reminds us of Toor dal. The main ingredient in sambar is Toor Dal. Many food items are prepared based on this, starting with sambar, lentil rice. This lentil provides a balanced diet and is high in protein, vitamin C, amino acids, …

Mustard Seed
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Medicinal benefits of mustard

Mustard Mustard is a small, cylindrical seed obtained from the mustard plant. Mustard has been in use for over 5 thousand years. There is a proverb that though mustard seed is very small in size its spice is strong, this proverb literally means we should not underestimate anyone. As such mustard has numerous medicinal properties. …

black cardamom
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Medicinal uses of black cardamom

Black cardamom Cardamom is known as the queen of spices. There are two types of cardamom. They are ‘black cardamom’ and ‘green cardamom’. Of the two, black cardamom is the most popular. People around the world use it for cooking because of its unique taste and aroma. Cardamom is widely grown in Asia and Australia. It …

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Medicinal properties of turmeric

Turmeric Turmeric is one of the oldest spices in India. This is called the ‘saffron of the poor’. Turmeric, which is available at a lower price, gives the same benefits as expensive saffron. Turmeric is a crop used for food coloring, flavoring, and medicinal purposes. Yellow is an herb that combines beauty, health, and spirituality. …