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fenugreek seeds
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Medicinal uses of Fenugreek or Dill

Dill is an herbal product. It is widely used in food and medicine. This is called ‘Fenugreek’ or methi in English. Dill can give a lot of cooling to the body. All the flowers, fruit, seed, and leaves of the dill plant have medicinal properties. Fennel is native to the Mediterranean region, Central Europe, southern …

Agar Agar
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Benefits of Agar Agar

A nutritious food that Islamists love to eat. An important food served at the festival of Islam. Many plants that grow on the earth are used as medicine. Similarly, seaweed, a marine plant, is used medicinally. Red and green algae contain a medicinal substance called “carrageenan”. It is used as a medicine for various ailments. The …

mimosa pudica
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Mimosa pudica (Thotta Surungi)

According to the Siddhas, this plant has magnetic energy which generally found in forests and mountains. Experts say that, if you touch this divine herb regularly 48 days, your mental strength will increase. Mimosa pudica has been used in Greek medicine for over 1300 years. Currently used in Ayurvedic medicine and Unani medicine as well. This …